My journey to motherhood, our adventures ’til Vaan Dale (part 1 of 3)

It didn’t take that long until we met our little bundle of joy, Vaan Dale. My 9-month journey to motherhood wasn’t easy, but I can say it wasn’t that hard too! Sure, there were ups and downs, surprises and ‘meh,’ but I enjoyed it – we enjoyed it! Dante and I both relished the escapades until there was Vaan Dale.

When we started with the early stages of pregnancy, we weren’t sure what to expect – really. That is especially because we didn’t plan this at all and we experienced it for the first time. What I just knew, at the back of my mind, was that ‘it’s gonna be one hell of a ride’ so might as well treasure (and document through digital photos) the moments, right? That’s why, in this motherhood-appreciation-first-blog-post entry, I will be sharing the little and BIG things that occurred while Dante and I are both in the journey to my motherhood. Read and stay put! I will also be sharing some tips that could help you with your first time being pregnant.

March 2018

If I remember correctly, the exact date when I tested for pregnancy was March 8, 2018. It was a Thursday and I used the pregnancy test at the office – twice! Dante and I even went to a near clinic to really make sure and spent at about Php 350. And yes, it was a positive! I was 6 weeks pregnant.

At first we were kind of startled with the feeling of not knowing how it would went, but we both decided to embrace the reality and definitely see the best side of it – we were going to be a family! We were about to raise and give life to a child; to someone who was part of both of us.

Enter: the WH questions. Why did it happen? What are we gonna do about it? Where should we start? When will we tell it to our parents? How?

Well, we started by telling my mother first. I am an only child and my father had already passed, so it was just us telling her. Dante and I decided to do it at that week’s end and it was a good timing because we visited my father’s grave that day. To cut the story short, since we’re already at the right age and both have stable jobs, my mother was calm about it and also seemed happy. Finally, she’s gonna be taking care of a grandchild soon.

The next challenge was how to tell it to Dante’s parents. It was pretty easier since one of his eldest brothers already has a family, so the news won’t be surprising at all. We did it by showing Dante’s mother the pregnancy test result we got from the clinic and voila, discussions about marriage and all already started.

Arrangements and agreements happened when Dante’s family went to our house for a one-time initial celebration. We all had lunch together and sang karaoke. Both parties agreed for us to be legally married soon.

A few days have passed, Dante’s family held a summer get-together and we all went to Zambales for some beach lovin’. I was iffy at first to go because I wasn’t sure if it’s alright for a 2-month pregnant girl like me to swim in the ocean. And guess what, it’s totally OK!

So, based from this experience, I will share my short list of realizations while I was on that trip:

  1. I can still have fun at the beach even if I’m pregnant.
  2. I still get to enjoy hanging out with everyone.
  3. However, I have to accept that I can’t drink liquor at celebrations and occasions anymore!
  4. Smoking cigarettes was already out of my life, too. Those who are really close to me know how BIG of a sacrifice this is, since I’ve been a smoker since I was 16.
  5. I’m glad that I’m already part of Dante’s huge family. It’s a new experience for me and I’ve always wanted to have family gatherings and all for celebrations. The reason is that I grew up in a household of three (3) and it was lonely sometimes since I’m an unica hija.
  6. Whenever I’m about to do something, I should always consider the well-being of the human inside me, and of course, myself as well. So, I should always take a break! When we were walking on the beachfront, it made me realize that my body is really not the same as before.
  7. I still can’t swim! LOL
  8. It’s now pretty tiring to do things simultaneously. I have to do stuff one at a time now.
  9. People are more excited than us – everyone was already asking about the gender of our baby although I’m still 2 months pregnant.
  10. But yes, we ARE excited!

That summer, Zamabales trip was also a photoshoot opportunity for us – for our “pregnancy announcement.” We subtly posted a photo on my personal Instagram account with a quote I just searched for online as I was out of words on how to express the feeling of announcing this.

After the announcement, congratulations came in and it’s finally sinking in…

Only then our journey actually started…

To be continued

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