My journey to motherhood, our adventures ’til Vaan Dale (part 2 of 3)

And now, here I am ready to share the next three (3) months of my pregnancy experience. My first post about my journey to motherhood was just like the introduction to everything – from the little things, to the BIG ones!

I hope you won’t get bored reading this and, by any chance, also get a little intrigued on how I lived these parts of my life. So without further ado, scroll on! LOL

April 2018

Remember when my previous post talked about us (Dante & I) getting married? Our plan was to do it in June, civilly, so we’d have enough time to prepare. But, oh well, we already started preparing this early – just in the middle of April. I tend to overthink sometimes and kinda want to get things done as early as I can, that’s why I initiated that we take the necessary steps ahead. This is for me to relieve myself from thinking too much! Since I was pregnant back then, my emotions were always at its peak and you wouldn’t imagine how Dante dealt with it. I’m glad he coped, though, because the wedding preparations wouldn’t be successful without his full cooperation!

To start off, we had to obtain a marriage license at the city hall. But before that, you would first need to acquire the requirements in order to start filling out forms for the request of a marriage license. The major ones are the NSO copies of your birth certificates, then CENOMARs for each, application forms from the city hall, then ultimately, your attendance to a family planning seminar.

I don’t want to drag you with more details on the preparations because there were a LOT – from getting the license, finding an ordained minister, up to finalizing the guests and venue. I might end up writing a new entry about it soon, but anyways…

Moving on… that’s Dante enjoying our newly renovated room.

In April, we have decided to renovate part of our house – specifically the 2nd floor – so we’ll have a suitable space for me to feel homey and chill while on the verge of being pregnant.

Other notable events in April are our Sambukojin experience.

We gathered and went there as a family to celebrate my then-upcoming-mother-in-law’s birthday! Boy you wouldn’t imagine how full and satisfied I was back then, considering the mouthwatering cravings I have, and always will have, for grilled food.

We also joined the company summer outing at Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo. But I wasn’t able to swim because I was feeling “heavy and nauseous” that day. We just enjoyed the place and the camaraderie of our friends and colleagues.

May 2018

Our May was pretty salty and sweet, and we only had one major happening back then. Me and my beaches (including Dante, lol) all went to Coron, Palawan! We planned this trip waaaaay before I got pregnant so I was anxious at first to know whether it would be alright for me to ride an airplane while carrying a little human inside me. Plus, what the F would I wear, considering my uterus had already expanded.

Me trying out dress-like one piece swimsuits for the trip

It also turned out I needed to secure a medical certificate from my OB/GYN showing that I was fit to travel. It was a requirement, I think?, at the airport before they let pregnant passengers on board. The thing is, they are stricter when it comes to international flights, rather than the local ones, so it was okay for me.

I did secure a medical certificate – thanks Dr. Carreon! – and I flaunted it like crazy at the airport. I also used the advantage of being first in line for the check-in counter – don’t judge me, it was a true privilege given to the pregnant, together with the PWDs and senior citizens. My friends who were with us during the whole trip have probably thanked me for that advantage, too! Because, as we all know, our airport is far lot worse among the others.

We did a mini pre-nuptial photoshoot – you know, for the upcoming wedding the next month – and took the opportunity of benefiting from the wonders of the place while on the trip.

So here are some of my favorite shots:

That last solo photo I have at the Kayangan Lake was very memorable! Although I was four (4) months pregnant back then, I managed to take the almost-300-steps just to see and experience the majestic views. I’ll admit I was quite nervous that something would happen to my baby back then while we were trekking up and down, but we both managed to get by – thanks to Dante’s support and care.

June 2018

Here comes my favorite month! Sooooo many things happened in June that I couldn’t really tell each of their stories. I’ll try to summarize them all…

First, the Boyce Avenue with Moira concert. It was our first happening in June since it was dated June 1st. I booked tickets to this concert for Dante and I to experience going to a concert together, plus Boyce Avenue is kinda one of our favorites.

Fun fact: Change Your Mind by Boyce Avenue is one of our first songs when we were starting our relationship.

Second, the bridal showers! I wouldn’t actually call them bachelorette parties, though. My teammates at the office held me a lunch bridal shower and gave me a cute, personalized gift. And then, my long-time-friends-turned-family also surprised me with an intimate send-off eating party. Thank you all for these memories – I probably didn’t show how happy I was back then, but I was and always will be. Thanks for the efforts!


No more long stories on this and emotional quotes and all. I’ll just leave some of the photos here to feast your eyes.

My FB friends can view our full wedding album here.

Lastly, we had our first date as a married couple at the Venice Grand Canal in Taguig. We ate at our favorite restaurant, Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken, and just strolled around the place and displayed ostentatiously our left hands with the flashing, extravagant new wedding rings we both are wearing, LOL!

I bet nobody really noticed that we just got married…

To be continued…

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