We are a three-person group – Dante, Alleli, and Vaan Dale – that is new to the concept of “family”.

We built VaanDaleofJoy.com to put into writing (and photos!) the lessons we’ve been learning along the way.

Vaan Dale's family
Alleli, Vaan Dale, Dante Jr.

Over a year ago, Dante and I didn’t imagine life was gonna be this amazing for us. Things were awfully different and there seemed to be no direction for the both of us at the beginning of our relationship. We didn’t start good, for short, but we managed! For a year we were really happy – we went to different places and enjoyed each other’s presence, somehow talked about the future, and also the what ifs.

Until there was this cute, little surprise – Vaan Dale! He’s our bundle of joy! Everything has changed and it all happened within a short period of time.

In a year, we got married and Vaan Dale came into our world. We had to sacrifice some things and went through significant changes in our lives but we know that those will all be worth it. Hell yes, they are!

Our bundle of joy – Vaan Dale – just 4 days after he was born!

And now, we’re excited and happy to share our family’s experiences along the way. They will mostly be about Vaan Dale and baby stuff, but we’ll try to cover traveling, how-to’s, reviews, and the likes, too!

Welcome to our blog and we hope you’ll love it! ♥